welcome to my commissions page!



thank you for your interest in my work! please email or DM me on instagram to inquire. more information about my commissions can be found on my instagram page. prices are listed below.


Small (9×12 in.) – $45

Large (11×14 in.) – $55

Couple’s portrait (9×12 in.) – $70

+$10 to add a frame to any portrait

+$5 to add visuals, song lyrics, and/or color to the background

Portraits of friends, family, musicians, and celebrities!

hydroflask painting

Any size Hydroflask – $30 + cost of the bottle

If you already have your own Hydroflask you want painted, the price will stay at $30. All paintings are done in Liquitex acrylic paint and sealed with waterproof Mod Podge. Bottles are not dishwasher safe.