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Reprise is a series of three digital drawings following a girl’s journey in rebuilding herself and her state of mind. She sits in an ocean where hope fights affliction which is either raging or calm. Her yearn for a better life goes up against disparity. She wishes to love herself like she used to. The roses floating around her body represent the truth she finds in other people’s positive remarks about her. The rose by her neck represents the well being of her body. In the first drawing her mind is dark, represented by the gray ring around her head. In the last drawing that darkness is destroyed and replaced with growing vibrancy. Throughout this series there is more color in the flowers, showing the happiness flooding back to her. All of these things repeat themselves in her life and many of yours. This is Reprise.

These pieces are inspired by James Jean and drawn in the Firealpaca program with the Wacom Intuos tablet. Check out Alison’s Youtube channel for speed paints of this series.